How Shopify Scripts Create Custom Checkout On Shopify Plus?


A seamless and personalized shopping experience will significantly impact your success in 2024. Therefore, Shopify Plus becomes a game-changer for large-scale online retailers with improved capabilities personalized to meet complex needs. Among its powerful features are Shopify Scripts, which are small pieces of code to create customized e-commerce experiences directly within Shopify's infrastructure. 

Scripts transform how customers interact with your checkout process. You may not know, but a customized checkout aligns perfectly with your business needs and addresses the unique preferences of your customers. This way, Shopify Plus helps you reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions.

Shopify Scripts lets you write your custom code to implement special promotions, control shipping options, customize payment methods, and much more at checkout. This way, you tailor the checkout experience in ways that are most likely to convert visitors into paying customers. With Shopify Scripts, you can automatically apply discounts for first-time users or even provide exclusive payment options for specific products.

By using Shopify Scripts, you improve your store’s functionality and create a personalized shopping environment that stands out in today's market. This strategic customization fosters a deeper connection with customers to encourage loyalty and drive sales growth.

Types of Shopify Scripts

Shopify Scripts are primarily divided into three categories for Shopify Plus checkout customization, each targeting a different aspect of the shopping and checkout process:

  1. Line Item Scripts modify the properties of items in a customer’s cart. 
  2. Shipping scripts customize shipping options and fees. 
  3. Payment scripts customize the payment methods available to customers.

Basic Requirements for Using Shopify Scripts

Shopify scripts are only available to subscribers to Shopify Plus.

A basic understanding of Ruby, the programming language used for Shopify scripts, is necessary.

Benefits of Customizing Checkouts with Shopify Scripts

  • Shopify scripts customize checkout suggestions based on a customer's shopping history, enhancing convenience and loyalty.
  • Automatically select expedited shipping on the Shopify custom checkout page for nearby items at no extra cost, simplifying the process and increasing conversions.
  • Use Shopify Scripts to apply discounts automatically based on cart content and total value, boosting order size and customer satisfaction.

How do Shopify scripts work?

Shopify scripts allow you to personalize the checkout experience in your Shopify Plus store. These scripts are written in the Ruby programming language and can be crafted directly within the Shopify Plus admin panel. This specialized scripting environment is designed to let you manipulate key elements of the checkout process like discounts, shipping options, and payment methods. 

Ruby's simple and readable syntax on Shopify Plus makes it possible for even those with minimal programming experience to develop effective scripts. You can start from scratch or modify existing templates to suit your specific e-commerce needs. Besides, Shopify Plus includes a simulation tool in the script editor to test your scripts safely, ensuring they function correctly without affecting real customers. 

Step-by-Step Guide to a Custom Checkout Shopify Scripts 

Customizing your checkout can increase customer satisfaction and conversions. These scripts allow you to adjust prices, offer discounts, and control shipping and payment options. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Go to the admin panel.
  • Click on the 'Shopify Scripts' app.
  • Create or edit scripts.
  • Choose the script type (line item scripts, shipping scripts, and payment scripts).
  • Click 'Create script' for Shopify Plus checkout customization. 
  • Test the script with the 'Run script' 
  • Click 'Publish' to activate it during checkout.

Tips for Testing Scripts

  • Test scripts across different cart scenarios to make sure they work in all situations.
  • After launch, keep an eye on how the scripts affect checkout performance and sales.
  • Begin with basic Shopify scripts to keep them reliable and easy to manage.
  • Stay updated on Shopify’s scripting tools to take advantage of new features and ensure compatibility.

Best Practices for Using Shopify Scripts

  • Regularly update your scripts to match current promotions, inventory, and pricing to avoid outdated information during checkout.
  • Use version control systems like Git on the Shopify custom checkout page to track script changes, revert to previous versions, and understand historical modifications.
  • Maintain a log of script changes, noting who made the change and why, to aid in troubleshooting and tracking script evolution.
  • Keep your scripts simple to reduce maintenance issues, decrease error rates, and speed up your checkout process.
  • Use Shopify Scripts variables for values like discounts or product IDs in your scripts, making them easier to update without changing the code.
  • Always test scripts in a development environment first to prevent issues that could impact the checkout experience or store operations.
  • Optimize your scripts for resource efficiency, using proper loops and minimizing unnecessary calculations to enhance performance.
  • As your Shopify Plus store grows, ensure your scripts can handle increased loads and scale without performance loss.
  • Use monitoring tools to track script performance, focusing on metrics like execution time and memory usage, to continuously improve efficiency.

Popular Shopify script trends

  1. Tag-Based Discounts: Shopify Scripts can apply discounts dynamically, based on product or collection tags. These can be percentage or mixed (percentage and fixed) discounts tailored to specific customer behaviors.
  2. Promotion Scripts: Create enticing offers like "buy one, get one free" or "buy two, get 10% off" with these scripts, encouraging customers to buy more and boost their average order value.
  3. Shipping Scripts: Use scripts on Shopify Plus checkout customization to offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount or adjust shipping options based on criteria like cart value, enhancing customer satisfaction, and encouraging larger purchases.
  4. Volume-Based Discounts: These scripts reduce prices as the number of items in a cart increases, making them ideal for encouraging bulk purchases by offering greater discounts for buying more.

You can find more detailed examples from resources like Underwater Pistol and Ethercycle, which provide comprehensive guides and insights on Shopify Scripts. 


Shopify Scripts redefines the checkout experience, making it an important part of your customer's journey. You can customize discounts, shipping options, and payment processes directly within your store's checkout flow. The flexibility to tailor Shopify scripts can significantly enhance user satisfaction and boost conversion rates. Shopify Scripts opens a world of possibilities for creating a seamless, personalized shopping experience that meets the unique needs of your customers.

As your business grows and your needs evolve, experimenting with Shopify scripts can be an invaluable step toward optimizing your operations and staying competitive. Are you ready for the Shopify custom checkout page? If you're looking to dive deeper into Shopify Scripts or need tailored advice on enhancing your checkout experience, MS Web Designer can offer personalized guidance and solutions that align with your business goals.

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