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MS Web Designer was formerly started by a Entrepreneurial Pair- Masum and Sudipta in 2016 with a strong association with Shopify. The pair started MSW from a single bedroom, wherein they worked day and night. The efforts eventually took them to have workspaces in Singapore and India.

Our company was established to primarily help entrepreneurs to scale and grow their e-commerce businesses internationally with Shopify or Shopify Plus. MSW’s mission and vision were clear but we needed clients to implement our expertise and help them reach their e-commerce goals affordably and efficiently. The challenges were mere obstacles for us because we treated those obstacles as opportunities to bring innovation and growth in our practices. While working closely with official Shopify people and customers to function well in domestic markets and expand internationally, we soon became the leading Shopify Partners in the world.

Sudipta and Masum have been following transparent ethics and strategies that help bring e-commerce merchants or retailers to tap larger audiences’ markets through their expertise in e-commerce, Shopify and Shopify Plus. In short, the duo has made MSW a reliable accomplice for worldwide customers to bring success, growth and expansion smoothly and efficiently.

Today, we have received a 700+ 5-star ratings from our customers and developed four Shopify apps to help customers in making e-commerce simpler and better at every step.

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Our Values

Our values are the base of our identity and the driving force behind our actions. They shape our approach to business, our interactions with clients, and our contributions to the e-commerce world.


We take full responsibility for our customers because we deliver what we believe and commit to them. Our main goal is to deliver the best standards and fairness in our actions.


Regardless of any challenges we may face in the project completion, we aspire to provide only quality services. We do it by making continuous and sincere efforts to make our clients’ e-commerce ideas into realities.


We adhere to all set disciplines to serve consistent results in all our projects. For us, discipline is the driving force that turns our efforts into professional expertise.

Value Centricity

We apply value-focus strategies to empower our performance, learning and collaboration. Our team members are trained to deliver value-based results to our customers.


We support sharing ideas openly and working together to combine our talents and skills to face any challenges in mobile, web and e-commerce development.

Client Focus

Our satisfaction lies in our customers’ satisfaction. We respect our customers, live up to their expectations and clearly understand their needs to deliver the best results.

Our Core Team

Mr. Sudipta Mondal- Co-Founder/CEO

Mrs. Masum Maiti- Co-Founder


Our Ethos

We believe in having excellence in everything we do for our customers- right from balancing growth and scale to captivating customers with engaging e-commerce experiences. No matter if you are a start-up or a high-growing business- we can transform your success to unimaginable heights. MS Web Designer uses technical expertise, creativity and craftsmanship to ensure we are making e-commerce simpler and better for everyone.


Our Strategy

We are a full-service and in-house e-commerce solution provider. Our team has over 25 passionate members who love working together and with clients to do great work every time. We give useful advice and work closely with our customers to understand what they want to achieve. We eventually help our customers reach their e-commerce goals by creating engaging Shopify or Shopify Plus stores, strategies, and software.


Our Community

We employ the best professionals to make an exceptional team of forward-thinking marketers, designers, project managers, and developers. We encourage our team members to share their ideas openly so that they all can learn something from one another while motivating each other to do their best.

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Shopify Global Economic Impact Report 2020 By Deloitte

Proud to be the first and only Shopify experts and Shopify partners from Asia to be featured in this report.

We're happy to be among those making a big impact in the global economic growth.

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