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  • Nature’s Farm


  • Health Supplements and Food Distribution

Services Provided:

  • Shopify Design & UX
  • Shopify Development
  • Website Revamp
  • Performance Enhancement
  • SEO

Technology Stack:

  • Shopify
  • Klaviyo
  • WhatsApp
  • Bold Subscription


  • MS Web Designer
Custom Shopify Website


Established in 1982, Nature’s Farm has positioned itself as a leader in health supplements and food distribution in Singapore. The company is popular for introducing western health supplements to the Singaporean markets through 12 retail stores. Besides, all its products are known for their high quality.

COVID-19 was a turning point in Nature’s Farm’s journey as the company has to evolve and adapt their online presence. The company’s only goal was to provide its health supplements and products to the customers in that dire state. It led Nature’s Farm to ask for a complete customization of their Shopify store. For which, they found MS Web Designer the reliable solution provider.

Custom Shopify Store
Shopify Branding & Design Service

The Challenges

Since the pandemic hit out-of-nowhere, Nature’s Farm had to work quickly on their Shopify store customization. Hence, they faced the following challenges during that phase:

  • Shopify store needed improvement for more sales.
  • Website needed to be user-friendly and showcase Nature’s Farm's heritage.
  • Important to enhance online shopping for global customers.
Shopify Store Front
Shopify Ongoing Success Service
Shopify Specialized Features
Shopify Pricing Options

Technology Used

We used a powerful technology toolkit to meet Nature's Farm's goals.

  • Shopify for its versatile e-commerce capabilities.
  • Klaviyo for advanced email marketing and customer engagement.
  • WhatsApp for direct customer communication and support.
  • Bold Subscription for easy management of recurring purchases and subscriptions.
Shopify Personalization Options
Shopify Shopping Cart

Client Testimonial

" It was a pleasure working with MS Web Designer. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and responsiveness in incorporating our feedback were outstanding. The team's dedication to delivering a top-notch product was evident throughout the project. Their expertise in Shopify solutions is commendable. We highly recommend them for any e-commerce projects. "

Patricia Tien

Shopify Store Design & Build
Singapore Shopify Lifestyle Studio

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The collaboration between Nature’s Farm and MS Web Designer stands as a testament to how strategic digital transformation can transform a business. In the face of global challenges, this partnership adapted to change and set new standards in the e-commerce space for health supplements and food distribution. Are you also interested in transforming your digital presence? Contact us to explore how we can lead your business to new heights!