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  • Luwa Luxury Products


  • Premium Kitchenware Distribution

Services Provided:

  • Shopify Design & UX
  • Shopify Development
  • Migration to Shopify
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Ongoing Success Monitoring

Technology Stack:

  • Shopify
  • Mailchimp
  • Custom App Development


  • MS Web Designer
Volusion To Shopify


Luwa Luxury Products is a famous provider of elegant kitchenware in Canada and the Pacific NorthWest. The company started a remarkable journey to transform their e-commerce platform by smoothly migrating their online store from Volusion to Shopify. To make their migration journey smooth and efficient, MS Web Designer was contacted to address the issues and resolve them during the migration process. The main agenda was to expand Luke's international reach and improve online shopping experience for their customers.

Volusion To Shopify Store Migration
Migration From Volusion To Shopify

The Challenges

Luwa Luxury Products was facing interruptions in their regular business operation that was eventually affecting their search engine rankings. Therefore, the company decided to migrate their Volusion store to Shopify platform. The key challenges were:

  • Ensuring a smooth transition with zero downtime.
  • Preserving existing SEO rankings during the migration process.
  • Improving the online shopping experience to mirror their luxurious product range.
Seamless Shopify Transition
Singapore Shopify Migration Expert Agency

Our Strategic Approach

MS Web Designer is a leading e-commerce development agency that has helped 3000+ clients in making their e-commerce dreams a reality. Using the 9+ years expertise, the MSW Team adopted a multi-dimensional strategy focusing on:

Shopify Omnichannel Strategies
Shopify Plus International Reach

Technology Used

MS Web Designer combines its expertise and modern e-commerce technologies to deliver effective and customised solutions to its customers. The team used the following technologies to help Luwa Luxury Products in their seamless migration:

  • Shopify for its scalability and robustness. The platform was perfect for the brand’s international expansion.
  • Mailchimp for advanced email marketing campaigns.
  • Custom App Development to improve operational efficiency and customer interaction.
Shopify Data & SEO Migration
Shopify Web Development
Shopify Website Dev
Shopify Custom Web Development

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The migration from Volusion to Shopify signaled a big milestone for Luwa Luxury Products. Shopify improved the company’s online presence and provided opportunities for global expansion and improved customer experiences. Through strategic planning, technical expertise, and collaborative efforts, Luwa's online presence now truly reflects the luxury and sophistication of their brand.