Elevate Your Style: Kyson Collection by MS Web Designer


  • Kyson


  • E-commerce

Services Provided:

  • Website Revamping
  • Backend Functionalities Enhancement
  • Custom Features Integration

Technology Stack:

  • Shopify Plus
  • Judgme Review App
  • Grab the Pay Plugin
  • Klaviyo


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Kyson is a famous brand in the online world. The company wanted to improve their digital footprint to stand out in the competitive marketplace. Their goal was to transform their e-commerce store to make it more attractive and true to their brand. Kyson also wanted to ensure their website worked smoothly and efficiently. By doing this, the company hoped to make their website more inviting and user-friendly, which in turn would lead to more people visiting and buying from their site.

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The Challenges

Kyson's challenges were twofold and required an innovative approach to design and technology. The challenges were:

  • To improve the visual appeal to resonate with a modern audience
  • To revamp the technical aspects for improved functionality and user engagement.
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Technology Used

The technology stack was carefully chosen to complement the strategic approach:

  • Shopify Plus for a scalable and high-performing e-commerce platform.
  • Judgme Review App to effectively capture and display customer reviews.
  • Grab the Pay Plugin to enable flexible payment options with 'Buy Now, Pay Later'.
  • Klaviyo for targeted email marketing campaigns.
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Client Testimonial

" Working with MS Web has helped me tremendously, from small changes to big edits, consultation and changes were fast and accurate, Would definitely recommend people to use MS Web. Alternatively, Upgrading from Shopify advance to Shopify Plus was a breeze! It was easy and simple, assisted by the team. The assistance is immediate, thank you so much for all your help Atreyee and Team . "

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Working together, Kyson and the MS Web Team made big changes to Kyson's website. Now, the website looks great and works really well, which means more people are using it and buying its products. This success story shows that good website design and smart development can help a business grow. If you want to know how we can make your online presence better, just get in touch with us!