Discover Timeless Elegance: Blackwood Collection by MS Web Designer


  • Blackwood


  • Men's Personal Care

Services Provided:

  • Shopify Store Setup
  • Custom Website Design
  • Feature Customization

Technology Stack:

  • Shopify
  • Magic Zoom Plus
  • Custom Store Locator Integration


  • MS Web Designer


Blackwood is a leading brand that offers specialized and high-quality men’s personal care products. The company wanted to improve its digital presence while migrating to Shopify. The migration came with its own challenges because the company wanted to establish a strong brand identity with the new move. Blackwood contacted MS Web Designer to help them with custom Shopify solutions to improve their online presence and customer shopping experience.

Shopify Custom Development Agency
Custom Shopify App

The Challenges

Blackwood was already using other e-commerce platforms but was keen on leveraging Shopify’s features for a more intuitive and integrated e-commerce experience. Hence, the company wanted a reliable solution provider to help them migrate their store to Shopify effortlessly, reflecting the brand’s uniqueness and sophistication.

Shopify Optimization And Performance
Shopify Store Maintenance Service
Shopify Store
Shopify Development Team

Technology Used

To meet the Blackwood’s expectations, the MSW used the following technologies:

  • Magic Zoom Plus offers customers a closer look at products on the product page.
  • Custom Store Locator to help customers easily find Blackwood's physical store locations on a map.
Shopify Design Team
Shopify Shopping Experience
Shopify Online Store
Shopify Branding

Take a look at the site in action


The Blackwood and MS Web Designer collaboration resulted in a user-friendly Shopify store that reflected the brand's identity and improved the overall customer experience. Post-launch, the MSW team continued providing support to ensure ongoing success and adaptation to evolving trends. Are you looking to transform your digital presence? MS Web Designer offers bespoke solutions tailored to your needs!