Shopify Speed and Site Performance

Shopify Speed and Site Performance

Speed up your Shopify Store to convert more Sales

Boost your Shopify speed score by optimizing it to the best limits. We will assist you by providing elite solutions to make your store better, smoother, and faster.

Why speed optimization is necessary?

Slow speed decreases the conversion rate.
It affects the SEO ranking in Google depreciating your store’s visibility.
The functionalities get affected due to the junk codes present.

Why do people choose us?

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Over 450 satisfied clients
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Factors that affect the speed:

The theme setting on which the store has been laid out.
A vast number of apps being used.
Obsolete/junk codes of unused, previously installed apps blocking the loading time.
3rd party apps that have different server locations which fluctuate the speed.
Many images/transitions/videos present in the store.

Why choose us to boost your store’s performance?

Full speed optimization audit using GTMetrix, giving the accurate score and issues and scope of improvement.
Check and optimize all the essential aspects of your store like the CSS, JS, liquid codes, etc.
Cleaning, checking, and optimizing all the obsolete/junk codes of the unused/unnecessary apps.
Optimizing all the images/videos present for smooth and fast loading time.

GTMetrix uses an unthrottled connection with a stable algorithm to generate the most accurate result

It shows the areas for improvement and the issues that need to be fixed. The best way to check the result is to run it 3-4 times and get the average result for the report.

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