Shopify Gold - Enterprise Ecommerce Platform for Large Scale Businesses in India

A Leading Enterprise E-commerce Solution For Indian Entrepreneurs - Shopify Gold

Shopify Gold is an extended version of Shopify specifically designed for India’s fastest growing brands and businesses by providing world class enterprise commerce technology at a fraction of the cost.

Introducing the New Era of E-Commerce Industry - Shopify Gold

Since Shopify is a constantly evolving platform, recently it has scaled its product offerings by launching plans like Shopify Plus and Shopify Gold. Royal Enfield, Raymond, Loreal, Red Bull, Google, P&G, Nestle etc are a few examples of top brands and online merchants that are using Shopify Plus/Gold platform to grow their business online. This signifies that Shopify Gold is an enterprise e-commerce platform designed for large scale businesses with greater demand and supply needs, specifically designed for Indian merchants.

Being one of the leading Shopify experts, we consider it as our mission to help retail giants discover go digital!  Here at MS web designers, we offer the best end-to-end Shopify services in India and across the world. Our company has 25 full-time dedicated Shopify web designers and developers who are committed to delivering A++ quality job at an affordable cost.

Why Shopify Gold?

Shopify is trusted by leading merchants across the world due to its easy accessibility and world class infrastructure. Shopify Gold is an extended version of Shopify e-commerce platform, which means that it has more features and more flexibility to offer.

Below listed are few interesting facts that prove why Shopify is trusted by top merchants and why we recommend top brands to migrate to Shopify Gold platform:  

  • 500,000+ merchants use Shopify around the world
  • 3M+ visits per second on Shopify storefronts
  • 15+ payment gateways for India
  • 10+ readymade logistics integrations
  • 1,800+ extensions available within the Shopify app ecosystem
  • 50+ connectors with popular ERP systems

Shopify Gold Vs Shopify Plus

Shopify Gold is undoubtedly the best enterprise e-commerce platform invented so far. Unlike any other e-commerce platform available in the industry, this platform is dedicated to meet the growing demand of e-commerce. It helps large and medium sized businesses to meet the requirement of their customers online without any hassle.  Shopify Plus, however, is a tough competition for this popular e-commerce platform.

Although Shopify Gold and Shopify Plus have almost same features and functionalities, here are a few things that will help you understand the difference more clearly.

  • Unlike Shopify Plus, Shopify Gold e-commerce platform is designed for Indian brands and merchants only
  • Shopify Plus packages are starting from $2000/month (Rs 120,000+) and Shopify Gold is starting from Rs 65,000/month.

Here at MS Web Designer, we recommend solutions as per the requirement of our customers’ business. For instance, if one of our clients has a big customer base and high volume business,

we would definitely recommend the Shopify Gold e-commerce platform. With years of experience and knowledge, we have realised the fact that no two businesses are the same. This implies that different e-commerce websites or stores have different needs and they need dedicated solutions to meet their exact needs.

When you choose to migrate to Shopify Gold e-commerce platform, you get complete assistance from Account Managers at Shopify who will help launch your business. They are also migration experts and help you smoothen the hassles of replatforming. In addition to all this, you have the MS Designer team, who will help you design an engaging e-commerce website through which you will be able to sell across the world and maintain stock centrally, without any trouble. Moreover, you won’t be requested to pay any monthly commission for each sale. With Shopify Gold, you will be your own boss.

Here are a Few Fascinating Features That You Will Enjoy as Our Gold Client

Below given is the list of some stunning features that are added to your online store when you upgrade or migrate to Shopify gold, a completely hosted e-commerce platform designed for high volume merchants in India. Our team of Shopify Gold experts can help you create a powerful e-commerce platform that includes all the following features, whilst being reliable and economical:

  • Shopify Gold offers you access to fully hosted and unlimited bandwidth
  • It allows you to sell products internationally with multiple currencies
  • With Shopify gold, you get Enhanced customization capabilities to suit your brand’s needs
  • Shopify Gold comprises of a Straightforward platform migration
  • It offers Local account management and 24x7 on-demand support via call or email
  • Shopify Gold offers an added advantage of Bank level security with free 256-bit SSL certificate
  • As our Shopify Gold customer, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to your project from Shopify India Team who will take care and will guide you on how to increase your e-commerce business to the highest level

For a detailed description of all the above-mentioned Shopify Gold features, please get in touch with our team using the given contact details today. We would be happy to assist you with all your queries.

Who We Are

In the e-commerce world, MS Web Designer has positioned itself very nicely as a go-to platform for top brands and businesses. We have been a part of this industry since 2010 and worked with some of the largest Enterprise retailers across the world. With a team of talented Shopify website designers and developers, we have delivered phenomenal results using world class e-commerce technology at a fraction of the cost.

Our mission is very clear; we are determined to deliver reliable power to large scale businesses in India with the help of our economical design, development, and maintenance services. We design online stores using the Shopify platform, which allows our clients to receive online payments & ship products globally.

If you are a part of this modern commerce industry, then Shopify is your key to run a successful business. You do not have to build IT teams or even infrastructure, getting started has never been this easy! We moreover can help you speed up the process with trusted design and development services.

A Trusted Team Of Shopify Experts and Partners

Shopify is an all-in-one e-commerce solution that helps you to create an e-commerce website and sell your products online with minimal fuss. This is a fully hosted e-commerce platform with unmatched scalability which allows you to focus on growing your business instead of worrying about managing your online store or website.

However, the process involved in the creation and customisation of your website is not as painless as perceived. It requires your time, dedication and some technical expertise. That is where we come in! MS Web Designer is an official Shopify agency with a team of dedicated Shopify website designers and developers. Being a leading team of Shopify experts we can help your business seize the complete advantage of this multi-channel platform. From managing large volume products to customising your front end or payment gateway, our Shopify Development Services have got you covered in every possible way.

Why MS Web Designer?

Shopify Gold solutions and packages by MS Web Designer are your best chance of running a

successful online store. We are Shopify Gold’s certified design, development and marketing partners dedicate to offer industry leading solutions for your long-term growth. Our e-commerce solutions and packages are designed to keep you one step ahead of your competition.  

We understand your business and we assure you its success on the basis of our expertise and quality services. Shopify store setup, theme customization, drop shipping store setup, re-platforming/migration, apps integration, Shopify store maintenance, Shopify small tasks, on demand support or be it any other task related to your Shopify store, you will get complete assistance from our team.

We have full-time dynamic Shopify website designers and developers who can offer you tailored services at highly reasonable prices. Every member of our team holds vast knowledge in areas including Shopify, Liquid, PHP, CSS, Ruby on Rails, and PSD to Shopify, Apps development and custom theme development.

You can browse through our ‘Work & Testimonial’ page to see how we have helped many businesses with our proficient and proactive Shopify services. Have a quick look at what our valued customers have to say about us and how we helped them to start their business online successfully.

If you are one of the highest selling merchants in India, MS Web Designer can help you migrate to Shopify Gold and conduct a successful launch. Our Shopify Gold setup packages are starting from approximately USD 1000. For complete package and price details, please feel free to contact one of our Shopify website designers at You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram for latest Shopify news.

For live chat, please add +919748230320 on your WhatsApp today!

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