How Shopify Help Women Entrepreneurs to Fulfill Their Dream


Famous actor Meghan Markle at the age of 11 saw this P& G advertisement on the television which stated "Women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans." After two male classmates made a joke about how women "belong" in the kitchen, Markle became frustrated. She made a point that this was not right and  encouraged by her father she wrote to their then First lady Hilary Clinton and other lawyers about why is the tagline so GENDER specific which was noticed and a month later Procter & Gamble made the tagline gender-neutral, changing "Women all over America" too, "People all over America."

This is the power of women! Women do not belong to just washing greasy pots cleaning the house or feeding children, Today women all over the world have reached a stage better than men! And Indian women are no less,Today in the list of top 10 Global women list by the very second name is INDIRA NOOYI the CEO of Pepsico who had started life just like any normal Indian woman but her passion for work led her to this position today she inspires all the women of the world including her 2 daughters,Not only she outside our country but our very own lady leaders have given us the vigor and enthusiasm to achieve our dream, Our very own Chanda Kochhar, Arundhati Bhattacharya or Shikha Sharma have inspired the money minting is not only for men and if women get in they do it much better! and this banking queens have lead the banks so well under all situations,not even this if we take sports starting with very favorite Indian game cricket we see Mithali Raj also is the 1st Indian & 5th woman cricketer overall to score over 1,000 World Cup runs and  Jhulan Goswami who bowled us all over with her skills, fashion queens Ritu Beri, Astha Narang Anamika Khanna all have striven hard in an industry for women by men and achieved a mark,Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams all have not only globally raced on reaching the top but have even made our country proud of them! And how can we forget the glorious medals of  Karnam Malleswari, Mary Kom, Saina Nehwal, P.V. Sindhu & Sakshi Malik.

The famous  French fashion designer Christian Dior said that –

After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.

Women are the most lovely thing God has given to the world. And today they stand with men in all terms, Women do not lag behind in any way infact they have beaten men in so many things of their field. When women has achieved so much so what is making you lag behind? In is the era of the Internet when everything is so accessible still you are thinking you will sit and wait for someone else to realize and pay for your dreams?? Why are you waiting? Even Indira Nooyi agrees to the multitasking aspects of a WOMAN when she states--

When you have to do as much as women do, the Internet allows you to - from home - figure out a way to extend your reach and power in the world. It allows you to do what job you've done traditionally, and create aspirations by carrying on a job and using the Internet to amplify everything you're doing.

You may have a secure job good salary but are they at the cost of your dreams?your aspirations as a woman?Everyday going out of your house to do what you do not want?Why?The same old monotonous job the same old copy paste work…This reminds of a copy paste easy to work jobs from home you may say they provide good incentives just for copy-pasting! Let me remind you all these are FAKE and they are trying to fool us big time! Do you want to be fooled??

You may also suggest that oh my family has a great doing business so what the need for me to go ahead and start my dear! Tables turn any moment in life we all are aware of that moreover sometimes for the worse!

You may also set up that oh I am so old with kids doing jobs is this my age to work? Do you know in America the women start their entrepreneurial skills even after the age of 60 they do not need a pension for their expenses! So shun the age limit! AGE is no bar for your dreams and to achieve big sky is the limit!

You may also suggest to me that ok in this internet boom why should we have a store? Are we happy with our facebook pages and groups?

Ok, I agree to this but will your customers be happy with just looking at the products you have? and then asking you the prices repeatedly you pestering them to buy and they asking you for discounts? Will it be a good structure for your brand your dreams?


You always had a  dream of having your own baking store with all the products and cakes pastries macaroons chocolate available people already love it at home but the cost of a store, the burden of taxes the cost of electricity made you step your backward as your budget for your store was not enough!

NOW step back and step forward once again with this scenario…Imagine your online store with all your products all your macroons, chocolates, dips, cakes, pastries, tarts available and people not only your near by ones but all over the CITY and country are able to buy them!You will pinch us stating that this cant be true!YES it is and that too from your won house without a cost of the store and without any ANY extra cost!

You ask HOW?


Shopify has helped millions of women entrepreneurs,homemakers,part timers,pizza bakers,home bakers,teachers and many more to achieve their desired dream.SHOPIFY has allowed them to reach where their brick and mortar store could never have!From national to international locations SHOPIFY’s easy interface and user friendly customizations have brought many dreams in to existence.

Let's give you examples starting with the famous entrepreneurial start-up of  Kim Kardashian West ,KKW this is the most famous beauty products store! MADE BY SHOPIFY!

Today her brand is registering sales in huge numbers and is available in so many different countries which would not have been possible if was localized to a store!

All our men Love Raymonds and love driving Harley Davidson and SHOPIFY has powered these stores to have a great online market share!

SHOPIFY has not only done wonders to these huge businesses but also powered many SME’s micro businesses to reach more and more sales to keep on expanding their business.

SHOPIFY not only allows you an easy setup without knowing HARDCODE technical knowledge but also provides you to set up easy stores on FACEBOOK ,AMAZON,EBAY ,MESSENGER and all the other sales channel, it allows you to start smart campaigns go in promote your businesses in areas apart from the ones you already reign.

SHOPIFY helps you to win hearts of your customers with sale options, gift coupons, vouchers and even woo them with freebies,You name it and shopify has it!

So whether you are an amazing baker or a great singer, a maths teacher or tea brewer you can start giving wings to you dreams and give your WOMANHOOD the power it deserves with SHOPIFY and Us at MS Web Designer-an organization powered by a woman and which loves to help all budding women entrepreneurs to set themselves free and support them in every step in the journey of their DREAMS.So come in and start NOW with US!

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Sudipta Mondal

By Sudipta Mondal

Sudipta Mondal is a technology entrepreneur and a software developer, eCommerce Consultant for International Brand & Shopify Experts and Partner. Having founded his own company ‘MS Web Designer’. Sudipta has been working in the field of startups for more than 15 years now and has established multiple SAAS products with his wife Masum and has helped develop multiple E-commerce brands on Shopify. Together they have served over 1500+ international brands including fortune 500 companies to setup and level up their online business.


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