4 Quick Shopify Cart Page Optimization Hacks You Must Try


Getting traffic but not subsequent sales on your Shopify store?

There can be multiple reasons throughout your sales funnel. However, the biggest challenge for most of the ecommerce stores is the cart abandonment.

In 2020, ecommerce stores around the globe have a shopping cart abandonment rate of 69.57% which accounts for almost $18 billion in lost revenue!  Source

What’s your cart conversion rate?

The easiest way to calculate is to go to your Shopify dashboard and do this simple math.

Cart conversion rate = Sessions converted/Added to cart * 100

conversion rate in Shopify dashboard

For this store it’s 68/369*100 = 18.43%

Now if you have a cart conversion rate of more than 40%, you are good.

If it’s within 25-40%, there are scopes to improve it.

If it’s less than 25%, you should definitely work on your cart and checkout to improve it. 

Here are 4 cart optimization ideas and features you must try on your Shopify store to supercharge your cart conversions and score more sales.

1. Show Discount on Cart

The biggest conversion booster on the cart page is a discount which can be applied right on the cart. 

It’s a proven method for significantly reducing cart abandonment.

Especially for the ecommerce industries like Fashion, Personal & Health care, Food, Consumer Electronics, Jewellery, Home Decor, Toys & Hobby etc, where consumers do impulse shopping, discounting on cart is a proven sales motivator.

How to enable discounting on Shopify cart?

In Shopify, customers get to apply the discount code on the checkout. That means they don't experience the joy of getting a discount until they move to checkout. 

That's why high growth Shopify stores let the customers apply the discount code right on the cart page

Shopify doesn't give the option for discounting on cart by default but you can use a Shopify app like Voila which allows you to offer a discount field on your cart page as shown below.

coupon field on Shopify cart page

Comfysoles lets the customer Apply a coupon code right on the cart page

Now, when you offer a coupon field on the cart page, it’s highly recommended that you also show available coupon codes right on the cart page so that the customers don't abandon their cart in a search for the coupon code.

Voila also lets you show a list of coupon codes on the pop-up as shown below.

show coupons on shopify cart page with voila

Casekaro shows a list of coupon code right on the cart page using Voila

2. Offer Gift wrapping option

If you are selling items that can be a gift but not offering a gift wrapping option, you are surely missing some sales.

Gifting is not only about giving a product but an experience. That’s why while buying a gift people look for a gift wrap that will look great!

By offering a gift wrapping option on your Shopify store you can easily convert those users who are buying for gifting purposes. 

Pro tip: People don’t mind spending 5 bucks extra while buying gifts for their loved ones. You can offer multiple gift wrapping options like a standard and a premium one to choose from. Most of the cases, gift buyers will choose the premium one if it's reasonably charged. 

3. Reassure with your USPs 

Make sure you communicate your USPs well on the checkout steps. It creates a sense of assurance in your customers. 

If you offer a warranty or a hassle-free return process, don’t hesitate to boast about it on the cart page. See below how a leading Musical Instruments store does it on their cart page.

Example of USP on shopify cart page

Here's another example from a popular perfume store.

showing usp on cart page

4. Keep the cart easily accessible on any device

Your cart should be easily accessible from any page of your store on any device.

This is not a radically new idea but stores often miss on this basic user experience which hurts the conversion rate significantly.

Test your Shopify store thoroughly from all types of device to check that your cart is easily accessible. You may like to use sticky cart feature to achieve this.

To conclude: The ideas we shared above are proven accross various industries. Try these on your store and test to see how your conversion rate is being impacted.

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Sudipta Mondal

By Sudipta Mondal

Sudipta Mondal is a technology entrepreneur and a software developer, eCommerce Consultant for International Brand & Shopify Experts and Partner. Having founded his own company ‘MS Web Designer’. Sudipta has been working in the field of startups for more than 15 years now and has established multiple SAAS products with his wife Masum and has helped develop multiple E-commerce brands on Shopify. Together they have served over 1500+ international brands including fortune 500 companies to setup and level up their online business.


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