Don't Miss: Shopify Social Store and Conversion Tracking Setup

Social media is the biggest platform for selling online today be it your small bakery or a full-fledged enterprise, social media presence in Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram Is a must if you want to grow as a business! And this is the reason why most of the social media channels and platforms have their separate section of shop or store for businesses! The most common target audience in present times is the age 15-45 which is hooked on to the social media according to the surveys so if the sale is required social media integration is the must!

And for that we need to focus on these things on to your Shopify store to scale your store to great heights

Set up Facebook Pixel:

Facebook Pixel is the social media analytics code when added to your store it lets you know the locations, gender such that you can optimize your store and facebook ads accordingly, this code not only saves you money to invest in the right target audience but also lets you know more on how and where you need to go ahead with ads such that good conversions happen.

Set up Google Analytics:

Just like Facebook pixel lets you know about the analysis of the social media,Google analytics gets you through the live real-time tracking of how your store is performing as well as lets you know more about how you can go ahead in marketing and grasp the opportunity of appeasing the locations where your clientele and the potential buyers are just an offer away from you! Google analytics is the best way to keep a track of your abandon carts, real-time viewers as well as checking where they are coming from and setting up your marketing efforts accordingly.

Facebook Store Setup:

The Social Media which started of as a social sharing platform today is the most evident business making arena and not only this with numbers of e-commerce stores increasing exponentially the numbers of Facebook stores are also increasing and so it is important to set up the Facebook store

In an innovative and elegant way such that there is no scope of your store being missed out! And with Shopify who has direct integration with different sales channels and the Facebook store is one of them where you enter it here and it reaches there.

Instagram Store Setup:

When Facebook acquired Instagram it was purely evident that this platform has become the future of social media and today it has become the most widely used platform for business as well as running ads on this platform works wonders to new small scale stores as they get great traffic of there a niche in the best-priced advertising. For any business, today and Instagram Store is a must and here too Shopify helps you perfectly. Shopify not only helps you integrate your products into Instagram but also helps you make Instagram shoppable.  Which means that it helps you win in both ways i.e gain buyers from Insta Store and send followers to Insta Page.

Just a few little baby steps and you are done with your analytics and ready with a perfect marketing strategy in place. But if you are stuck in midway through this we are always there to sketch a path and save you. Just ping us !

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