Shopify Cart Page Optimization: 5 Small Things Store Owners Should Not Avoid

Small drops of water fill the ocean similarly small little tasks and changes can bring an ocean of buyers to your store! and when you want more customers you will always have to fare well in terms of being easy to use the website for your customers as well as being trustworthy and secure!

You might have all the features on your store but these little things will help you to make the customer more confident when making a purchase with your Shopify store!

Shopify itself has many features which you can utilize by just doing these little things! 

Show customer notes: This is to let the customer know that yes you follow their mentioned instruction to the last alphabet!also you give them the advantage to put something that might end up increasing your sales for example if they want to buy a particular product in bulk and you have no option to do that they can write it down while ordering and you may connect to them as well as high sales! just enable it or customize it using various apps in the Shopify app store!

"I agree with terms & conditions" checkbox: This is something that keeps you secure! as well as binds the customer into a contract so as they cannot come up with something unruly and difficult for you later on! This is something which is perfect for your business!

Show security/trust badges: Trust is something that is won by regular perseverance and hard work and in present times of changing brand preferences it's very difficult to win over the client. one such way to win over their trust is through giving them more visual proof !adding security and trust badges is very important for letting the customer know that their purchase is safe secure and legitimate under all circumstances!

Show quantity & add to cart button: We all want our customers to choose and perfectly buy the product so we try to minimize their efforts by putting direct buy now button such that they directly go to the checkout! But many times customers might want to order more products than a single one just to give them that liberty there must be an add to cart and quantity options for the customer! we must always set it up for the customer so that this increases not only his interest to buy with you but also increases your higher sale options for your products!

Show offer gift wrapping option: Gifts are loved by everyone and today most of the products are available with gifting options! gift wrapping options adds to your credibility as a great store that offers amazing options and also increases a chance of more sales as gifts are something that always have an advantage over anything!

So now that we are clear with these simple small steps we need to match it and complete the store. Since Shopify is such a simple and easy to use platform you can directly do these changes but if you get stuck anywhere in the middle you know where to go! We are all here just for you! Just one ping away from making your store amazing!

Do let us know in case of any help required and send us more comments as to what you want us to write on!

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