How to start an online store with Shopify in 2019

How to start an online store with shopify in 2019

Whether you want to make a little extra money on the side or make it your full time job, Shopify is the fastest way to get online and start selling.

 -The Best ecommerce platform made for you .Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered.

How to Start Successful Online Business With Shopify in 2019 ?

1)  All you need is 15 minutes to spare, a product to sell, and $29 per month . BUT there’s a 14 day free trial, and you needn’t enter any card details until you go live. You’re free to play around until then.

2) Click On Get Started and  Put Your email address and Store Name , Then Click on Create Your Store.

3) Once done with that Shopify is loaded with Free and PREMIUM THEMES which you can choose according to your wish by having a look at their demo stores.

4) After the selection is done you can set up the menu navigation separating your products into different categories,Writing about yourself and your stories along with your daily blogs.

 5) The most important part is your products! And here too shopify gives you an advantage to loading them all together using the IMPORT function and uploading the CSV or manually one by one.

 6) Set up you shipping method depending on your location with the flat rates or rates from the 100s of shipping carriers shopify provides.

7) And last but not the least set up how you will get paid ie setup your PAYMENT GATEWAY be it PAYPAL,STRIPE,PAYU,AMERICAN EXPRESS and more that 200 gateways are available with shopify.

But you are not happy with just this much?You need more customizations on you store!!Not to worry Shopify has preloaded free and premium apps which you may use for adding pop-ups,mega menu,social media chat blocks,livechats ,product reviews,product customizations and many many more anything you name it and shopify has it!

And yes it does not stop here if you are a little tech savvy and know your codes you can even code and add apps to the system and customize it the way you like!


Best Shopify free Apps Best Shopify free Themes -2019 
Privy Popup apps
Product review
Multi Currency
Free Shipping bar
Happy Email
Order Printer




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Things You Need to Do Before Launching an Online Store : 

  • Responsiveness: Your website should be responsive. It should be changing the layout when viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop.

  • Cross-device/browser tested: Not only should the website be responsive it also should be cross-device and cross-browser tested.
  • Website Speed: Consider website speed as one of the major factors. According to an announcement by Amazon, for every 100ms in the loading time, they’ve experienced 1% decrease in sales. Maybe that’s why Google has even started using site speed as a ranking factor in their search algorithm as of 2016.
  • Navigational Links: Once the customers visit your website, you have to make them stay. Why not maintain confidence all the way through the buying process then? All it takes is the supplier logos in the footer and not to forget – links to pages of Customer Testimonials, Why Shop with Us, Delivery Information, Returns Policy and Contact make a huge difference.

  • Placement of Information: As far as the information on your website is concerned, make sure you propagate everything in a subtle manner -
    • The checkout button should be large.
    • The card or basket shall be visible on every page.
    • A search box with predictive or suggestive search to reach product listings shall be there too.
    • The sections that divide the product categories shall be visible on every page. For instance for clothing websites, one can create sections like ‘Men’, ‘Women’ etc. and make them visible on every webpage and not only the homepage.
    • Make the content on your website shareable to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Subscriptions and Offers: Do you have a newsletter? Make it easier to sign up. Business owners can easily create their mailing lists with ‘subscribe to special offers’ options on the checkout. Offering 10% off on their next buy shall not hurt if you really want the customers to actually fill their email.

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