Singapore - is ranked first worldwide for the ease of doing business by the World Bank for 2012, consecutively for 7 years. Being the world’s Leader in Internet Speed Singapore has given our businesses a great turn and today with amazing platforms like SHOPIFY setting up of the online store has become a cake walk. Be it a startup or a brick and mortar shop to which is going on an online setup everyone is taking a step forward to take the advantage of platform!

But e-commerce grows in Singapore, so are the legal challenges, such as copyright, consumer protection, government regulation, taxes and data protection, which can act as unwanted "road bumps" to online platforms here. In order to reap the rewards that a successful online store can bring, we must stay informed and protect the businesses.

So Lets Get Started

The most important step is to register the business. Then a trademark (which is a graphical representation of the company's logo or a signature) is required. In the competitive and constantly changing digital marketplace, a trademark is a very valuable asset. It differentiates our business and the quality of our products from those of the competitors. A trademark reinforces long-term relationships with our buyers.

The body responsible for registration and enforcing the rights of a trademark holder in Singapore is the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) .They’re a resource we can access to gather information, ask questions, check the registry of current marks and begin the registration process. There needs to be caution on how to list the trademark and the guidelines are set such as to not to allow any immoral, offensive or illegal words associated with the trademark.

What next?
Privacy and data handling is the most crucial section for any online store and needs to be handles very carefully! Data protection, in particular, is a key concern, as e-commerce platforms hold a wealth of consumers' personal information. So Data protection laws and Anti-spam laws are there to protect the consumer. You need to focus on that too by having a SSL certified website and a Privacy protection disclaimer for the buyers.

All Set?

Online sales are rising steadily, with Singapore's e-commerce market expected to grow from US$1 billion (S$1.4 billion) to US$5.4 billion by 2025. Be it Sole proprietorship, partnership or a company with a set of people! Once the legal formalities are through business in Singapore is set to flourish, and with SHOPIFY and MS WEB DESIGNERS AS EXPERTS in SHOPIFY set up will be quick and snap! So bing register and call us and lets set up an online SHOPIFY store in world’s best place to do any business!

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