Is this what you are facing with your swift and easy to use web store?With the advent of internet ,today everyone is trying to launch their products and brands online initially with great enthusiasm and vigour but slowly when sales do not happen what goes down is not just enthusiasm but the also the dream of building up a successful business with  a great idea!

So lets now CHECK on what to do so that this does not happen with you and you get you FIRST ORDER now and that ABANDONED CART Monster doesn’t fear you anymore!

1.Facebook: From the day this social media was brought into existence it has been a  bizarre,So why not use it for your sales rather than just making friends! But yes remember not to go Over the top here,People do not like much of advertisements on their personal pages,but still facebook can help you with lots of good traffic to your store with high sales too.Start with your friends and family!

2.Instagram: Now a sister concern of facebook and the best media platform today to highlight your brand ,products and sell them too.Delight them with your images and amazing stories and yes the most famous trend today #tags, Knowing how to “hashtag” is key to getting more exposure on Instagram. It’s a great way to attract people from all over the world to your account page. The key to “hashtagging” though is to use a mixture of broad and specific terms for your hashtags.

3.Comparison Shopping Engines: As an online retailer, comparison shopping engines are obvious places to get your products in front of the masses and see who bites first for that glorious first sale. Sites like Google Shopping, Shopzilla, Bing Shopping, Nextag and Pricegrabber have millions of shoppers searching for the best prices on online products – so surely you’re going to want to get some of those shoppers over to your online store.

4.Start your own Blog: Blogs started as a means to display your thoughts but today they are most important part of all the ecommerce websites! Blogs have given way to from personal expression to professional and business utilities.The beauty of blogging is that once you’ve created a great piece of timeless content, the search engines will bring you traffic to that page for the lifetime that page exists. So it’s a worthwhile endeavor since it’s really a way of planting seeds of future growth for your business.

5.Youtube Videos: As it its always said an image says a thousand words and a video displays and expresses a thousand images so you can use its leverage to get traffic and sales to your store! YouTube usually ranks around the second or third most popular search engine on earth. It provides a powerful tool for business owners and has an unlimited amount of creative ways in which you can drive traffic and sales to your ecommerce store.One of the main advantages of YouTube, is that your video will be included in Google and YouTube search results. Each video you create is a piece of inbound marketing content that will help you sell for years to come.  You can also use YouTube videos on your own website to help communicate the benefits of your products. 

6.Mobile Friendly: Mobile is the future and setting up an all responsive store is the best method of getting the people to buy on your store!Not only that you should always be available to chat to discuss the queries of your customers so as to make it east for them to buy and for you to get an amazing customer review so “hand held”like the mobile device.

So bang on here with many more easy to work suggestions with us as EXPERTS OF THE BEST AVAILABLE ECOMMERCE PLATFORM-SHOPIFY

Ping us for more details and see your sales reaching peaks soon.



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