5 Shopify Store Templates to Boost Ecommerce Sales Fast

The authenticity of any online store depends on how it goes ahead with its Legal formalities.

Shopify store has a set template for each of the questions your clients might have in order to buy your products and services. It is very important to go ahead with setting up correct and original policies which define your company's identity and also helps you gain more confidence of buyers.

It's only because of policies that make the world more organized and easy to live in! So your store policies to have to be in sync with your vision of the company.

You may check out some policies like these to begin with

FAQ Page Template

Setting up an FAQ template is very important. Whenever a potential customer is buying your product he has many questions in mind which need to be answered as if not answered on time it may lead to confusion in his head and boom you lose a sale! And same can go on for 100-200 such buyers with so many questions about the products and its associated things. So setting up an FAQ with appropriate and correct information about your business, products, services, payments is a must!

Refund Policy Template

We like a thing once but might not like it later on a same could happen with your buyer and he might not be happy with what is received than to what he expected or there may be other reasons why he might not like your products! So what next? You must straight away have a refund policy in place for such cases. In the present online economy its a must to keep a refund policy and be sure on ways you want to provide a refund to your buyers such that there is no loss to business as well as the customer is satisfied, giving credit points is one such way! But not the only one you might Not offer refunds and returns as well so any of your policies must be crystal clear to your buyers such that there are no disputes later!

Privacy Policy Template

The world is struggling with data breach today make sure that you do not do it with your buyers assure them with the correct values of what you will take from them as Data. Also set up the confirmation to them about cookies. All these things need to go in your precise and perfect privacy policy

Terms Of Service Template

Whenever any service is provided in the business world all the terms and associated conditions are presented in a formal way and the business is taken ahead abiding all those terms! In your eCommerce, you must also have a set of terms your buyers must accept before they buy your product. This is not only for your own protection but also to avoid and discrepancy that may arise later!

Shipping Policy Template

Different products have different life span for example if you run a bakery your shipping must be within 24 hours but if you run a fashion store the shipping can take time! You must clear this confusion out to all your buyers in your shipping policy. Be it perishable goods that need fast delivery or regular goods that need normal delivery or digital products that do not need any delivery! All the associated conditions, rate and charge details, delivery time details must be mentioned on your shipping policy!

With these you make your buyers buy with confidence and increase the chances of repeat orders as to when things are legally approved then most of the buyers just click and go!

If you are still confused as to what to do where!

You are just a ping away from the completion of your Legal Formalities! Ping us and we will sort it for you ..TOTALLY!

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