10 High-Impact Free Shopify Apps that Will Help You Boost Your Sales at No Cost

10 High-Impact Free Shopify Apps that Will Help You Boost Your Sales at No Cost

 Beginning from a point when there was need of a hassle-free platform to build a retail business online – as of late – you can witness over 400,000 active Shopify stores. This proves it to be quite a journey for Shopify. From the drag-and-drop interface to simple tools and easy theme editing, Shopify becomes a walk in the park even for an e-commerce newbie. 

But are we done there? Is that all we need to do? Of course, when you plan an e-commerce website, you also yearn traffic, sales and revenue. And it doesn’t end there; you also want your Shopify store to have a communicative instinct with its users, don’t you?


As Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon.com has very rightly said,


“If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. World of mouth is very powerful.”


Well, where any successful and smart online businessmen come from, you cannot just open an e-commerce website and expect it to get overcrowded by people. If you’re playing to win, you need to create traffic.


Having that said, with over 1200 apps in the Shopify App Store aiming to extend the functionality of your online store, one has got an enormous number of options to win with. Nonetheless, who can deny that 1200 apps is a huge number to choose from?


You don’t need to worry, however. To give your users a seamless experience when they visit your store so that they visit over and again, we’ve compiled a list of 10 high-impact free Shopify apps that will help you to extend and enhance.


  1. Aftership


In a world where everyone needs updates on their platter, Aftership helps you track all your shipments in one place. It automatically sends delivery updates to your customers. From FedEx to USPS, DHL and UPS, Aftership supports 350+ carriers.


  1. ALT Text


Let’s face it; organic traffic converts better. Generating traffic from search engines, however, is like burning a candle at both ends. ALT Text allows you TO automatically create the ALT text for your Shopify store’s images based on a set of parameters. It thereby helps you get more traffic from search engines.


  1. Better Coupon Box

Who wouldn’t like a voucher entitling them to a discount off their product? Many people think that all buyers think of is low-cost products. The truth, however, is that most of them have not ever discovered something else that the buyers should look for.

Coupons are one such communicative ‘thingy’ which can turn your every visitor into a potential customer. ‘Better Coupon Box’ does the same. It allows you to show a responsive popup that will offer them a discount for following one of your social profiles. You don’t only turn a visitor to a buyer, you also drive them towards regular updates of your business through your social media accounts. 


  1. Bulk Discounts


Yet another way to convert a visitor into a potential buyer, Bulk Discounts allows you to import discount codes into your store. You can also create a lot of discount codes at a time.


  1. Happy Email


Showing care to your customers is certainly one of the easiest ways to say thanks. That’s what Happy Email does for you – it helps you send your customers a welcome email after the first purchase order of signing up. There is more! These emails are sent out from anybody’s email you’d like. How about sending them out from the Founder’s account? Makes it really special, no?


  1. Infinite Options


The more the merrier! Customers are found extremely happy to be able to look around for greater number of product choices. Not only that, you also manage to increase the chance of selling successfully.


  1. Quick Facebook Live Chat


Speed is one of the greatest assets for an e-commerce business. Everything is so good about quick replies and swift responses, isn’t it? Social networks have literally now taken the reign of real-time customer support. With Quick Facebook Live Chat, you can chat with your customers as Facebook friends and turn them into your paying customers.


  1. Sales Pop


How happier could you get with purchases happening from your website? Sales Pop makes you even happier as it syncs with your store’s data and retrieves the latest successful orders and then turns them into notification popups.




  1. SEO Meta Manager


Keeping in mind the tens of hundreds of questions that people ask regarding SEO for an online website and how difficult it is, SEO Meta Manager is another way to drive traffic to your site. As earlier discussed, organic traffic to your website is not less than a bliss. Not only SEO Meta Manager allows you to improve your shop’s search engine ranking, it also has 20 powerful and unparalleled features that help you to keep an eye on your site’s SEO.


  1. Yotpo


Present in every list of top and best Shopify apps to use, Yotpo allows Shopify owners generate reviews that are shareable to their Facebook and Twitter profiles. Not only this drives new traffic and, ultimately, sales to your website, you also inculcate a trust factor among your potential buyers.


Final Thought:  While choosing your army of Shopify apps, never forget how communication will always be at the heart of e-commerce and the community.




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