7 Shopify Script Every Shopify Merchant Should Use


When getting into an all new store it's really important to woo customers before they choose some other store! And here Shopify Scripts works wonders. Shopify Scripts have enabled high-growth merchants to optimize and automate their eCommerce checkout in all sorts of ways.

Here are 7 such examples of many:

Storewide Discount:


Just add this discount script to you store and suddenly see a rise in the store sales

Buy One, Get One Free:


Who doesn’t like Free products? And when you get 2 products when buying just one it is very attractive! This script wins more customers than any other!

First-time Customer Discount:


Trying to get new buyers is a real pain but by offering discounts to them increases the chances to win them forever! Add this script to do that for

Tiered Pricing for Bulk Purchases:


Bulk purchases come with a hope of great discounts and tiered pricing script helps get that!

Free Gift with Purchase:


Free samples or small gifts with each purchase is loved by all the buyers and thus if you want to offer it just add this script and you are done!

Free Standard Shipping for VIP Customers:


Your loyal customers must always be given the benefit of free shipping thus add this script to make them happy!

Auto-Select Default Payment Method:


The best method to avoid abandon carts is to make sure that you have a default payment method selected!

Thus add these tiny snippets in a bid to make great sales and I am sure you will definitely conquer!