4 mandatory requirements for ePacket Delivery Method for China and Hong Kong merchants


As more and more merchants are moving towards dropshipping, logistics are becoming a concern for them! With more buyers making purchases from stores outside their country! So if you are a China or a Hongkong Merchant here I have something to make your logistic life a little easy.

Just check out these 4 major points when shipping using ePacket outside your country!



Weight is one of the vital points that determine any shipping method!The weight of the package being shipped cannot exceed 2 kg (4.4l bs).

The only exception to this weight rule is for Israel, where the packages can weigh up to 3 kg (6.6 lbs).



When shipping the actual value of the product should be mentioned and when using ePacket delivery method the value of any product being shipped, cannot be more than $400 (US Dollars), and must be shipped from China or Hong Kong.

Minimum Package Size:


Volumetric weights are again a major concern when shipping thus the package size is important! A regular packet should not have a length less than 14 cm and width less than 11 cm.

Maximum Package Size:


When the minimum size is taken into consideration so are the maximum size since when you are shipping overseas the weight is not the only thing that matters, the size is also important!

The longest side(maximum package size) of a regular package should not be more than 60 cm.

Just be informed with these 4 main pointers when dealing with logistics and I am sure you will never fall prey to improper shipping!