Best Shopify Stores For E‑commerce Inspiration in Kolkata


Living in the city of joy for about 100 years my family runs a business of cloth which expanded gradually, with technological advancement we started a telephonic business on phone, but I always wanted an online store! Convincing my father on this was really tough as the city in which traditional business runs in the blood getting them to the modern way of business was difficult! But I pulled up my socks to make them believe that the modern way of online business is the key to success in the times to come!

I started doing my research in finding out the best eCommerce platform along with success stories on that platform in Kolkata! As Ease of use was the most important aspect for me because it was supposed to be run by nontechies in office  Shopify was my answer to my father’s questions on What is the benefits of an online store?

Shopify –A Canadian Venture which became the most popular eCommerce platform for businesses regular, wholesale or enterprise! The biggest advantage with Shopify is its ease of use, you do not have to be a tech gizmo to run your own store neither do you need a team of techies you can do everything yourself!

I was thrilled with the new featured Appstore that will help on the marketing and as well as content and product management!

And then came a million Dollar Question came in that my dad put in: How many stores in Kolkata use it?

And my head went blank! I went on for my research again to find out how many in Kolkata actually use it and to my pleasant surprise there were amazing numbers but most importantly the sales have reached top notch and they are the best brands in town:

1. Hoichoi Shop


Hoichoi is a community of lovers of film and Bengali entertainment. Hoichoi store runs on Shopify.

hoichoi store

2. Leather Talks


Have you heard about a wifi wallet? This store offers you that and yes it runs on Shopify

leather talks

3. Mohar Store


This store runs fashion products for the whole city!

mohar store

4. Santiniketan Online


The beautiful traditional Bengal’s kantha stitch sarees at your doorstep

Santiniketan Online

5. Online Astra


All brands from the world are here in Kolkata

Online Astra

6. Roopkatha Web


Earthen pots and beautiful saree store

Roopkatha Web

7. Chamong Online


Everyone’s favorite is a cup of tea and now order the famous Darjeeling tea

Chamong Online

8. Goodwyn Tea


Love fresh tea smell? So Order here:


9. Keyaseth Exclusive


The best fashion designer store in town and this store uses Shopify with high revenue

Keyaseth Exclusive

10. Keyaseth


The same brand’s beauty therapy hand which the whole city is mad about!


So now I had my list clear in mind! As well as was sure with the data! My father was now convinced to start an online store with a small investment and high-end output! We get set started with the building of the store on Shopify: One platform with all the eCommerce and point of sale features you need to start, run and grow.

We started with our registration with 14-day free trial program after which we went on uploaded the products, chose the themes, setting up everything was so easy that it didn't even feel that we had done something!

And a few days later orders pouring in all our customers who sometimes could not come ordered online, not only this there were orders from the location we had never imagined! My dad was happy that he took this decision and the city of joy became his place of joy too!

I recommended Shopify to most of my father’s friends as well as my colleagues!

Here I just thought of penning down some advantages of using the best platform in e-commerce Today:

Sell —Everywhere—Literally Everywhere

Shopify is the only platform that allows you to sell on the platform to sell products to anyone, anywhere—online with your eCommerce store, online marketplaces, and social media, and in-person with point of sale.

Market —Your Business

Take the guesswork out of marketing with built-in tools that help you create, execute, and analyze campaigns on Facebook and Google.

Manage —Everything

Use a single dashboard to manage orders, shipping, and payments anywhere you go. Gain the insights and knowledge you need to grow.

Shopify App Store

Add features and functionality to your business with 2,500+ apps that integrate directly with Shopify. They have apps from basic functions like image upload to complex functionality like Customising a product!

Award-Winning Support-They Are The Best

This is the best thing about the platform the only platform that gives 24*7 live customer care support! Be it day or night Shopify team is always there to help you out!

Shopify Experts

If you are stuck in the middle still Hire a Shopify Expert to help you with everything from store setup to SEO. They are professionals and really good at there work!

Not just this with COD option it made it more easy for us to please the Indian Customers and there way of shopping!

I hope this helps all the vendors out there to try and win their new age customers!

All the Best!

Sudipta Mondal

By Sudipta Mondal

Sudipta Mondal is a technology entrepreneur and a software developer, eCommerce Consultant for International Brand & Shopify Experts and Partner. Having founded his own company ‘MS Web Designer’. Sudipta has been working in the field of startups for more than 15 years now and has established multiple SAAS products with his wife Masum and has helped develop multiple E-commerce brands on Shopify. Together they have served over 1500+ international brands including fortune 500 companies to setup and level up their online business.


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